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Unexpected Server Downtime
Theres some unexpected server downtime. Not too sure what it is, stay tuned.

Worst case scenario, I"ll put the server up on a linux box and that'll be that. Shouldn't have issues there, because the computer will be more within my control, I can boot it up anytime i want and stuff.

With the one right now, the physical computer is out of my grasp and literally anyone can turn that shit off. -_-
I'll work on bringing the server up tomorrow.

We will have lost a few things like the latest SCXP database. So we''ll have to manually restore them for players.

And I'll have to reapply the fixes afkplayer made.
Server is back up!! Bought the old linux server back and it'll be the new main server. It has some old files though.

If players lost their XP, just restore them for them.

I found a backup from december 28th that I'm gonna restore some stuff from, admin list, and xp. Thats currently in progress.
Wooh thanks Misfire
All you weird European people can contact me over at CLICK HER NOAW if you really need me

Nothing to hide Nothing to fear!

Server has disappeared again. :\
Also Misfire, I know I complained about a flag limiting use of commands, but may I get it back? There are players who are messaging me about their levels and I'd love to speed up the process of said players getting their levels back. Thanks in advance, Chief!
>>magnifico , if you have A access , you can use "setlvl <player> <number>" and set player's level.

Maybe you can request for A access for several days.

Also I am ready to returns admin works.
Ok server is backup, I finished making the auto restart shell script in linux. I have also given A access to those who have requested it.

Please help out the players by setting back their levels.

I am also trying out something that may help with server instability until the 4.7 hotfix is out.
Server shutting down again - -
I'm doing a complete reinstall of the server, to see if it will fix the crashes or at least make it bearable. I've discovered some problems as well like slow fast dl.

I am going to move everything to a new sever, the server itself and the fast DL.

Slightly bumpy ride as we get back up running but hopefully server can return to its former glory.
well good luck misfire hope you fix the problem

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